Firefighter 30 Day Meditation Challenge

It might not be for everybody, you might not like the “m” word, but this moment of breathing can be another resource to help you prepare before a shift or to help decompress afterward.

Police and Fire Departments do it. Professional athletes and entire teams do it.

Meditation is a regular thing that regular people do. You don’t have to be sitting in robes in a room full of mystical candles and scents. It’s a way to prepare, its way to relax, it’s a way to process the information that our minds are constantly receiving. The stress of public safety jobs, specifically the sleep deprivation of firefighters and EMS, can wreak havoc on the mental well-being of the most skillful paramedic or firefighter.

Meditation, a simple process that can be done anywhere, can have an immediate impact on your life. at the station, at home, and anywhere you find yourself, you can meditate. Meditation can be for everyone. Meditation is simple.

There is no complex method, mantra, or outrageous set of rules or strangeness in this book. This little book will introduce you to one method of simple meditation practice and slowly increase the duration of the meditation over 30 days. This is a very simple process, free from restrictions, to introduce meditation and its benefits. This book also includes log pages to self-report your experience.

Keeping it simple, the 30-day challenge is clear and concise, directly to the point, and helping you stay on track with the meditation log pages. Start today, relaxed and stress-free!

A tool to tactically prepare your mind for work

Available today on Amazon. A short and book with a few steps to help.

Not just tools in the toolbox, but the method to implement them for own public safety warrior mindset